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Good Vibes Winery is located in the historic Robinson Block of Uptown Westerville.  The building was constructed around 1875 and the Good Vibes location served as the town’s drug store.

Brinkman Drugs

The building is one of the earliest lasting commercial buildings from 19th century Westerville and you see this when you enter the winery.  From the exposed brick to the tin ceilings to the hardwood floors, Good Vibes Winery embraces the history of Uptown.

Drugstore Inside


As the only urban winery in Westerville, Good Vibes is proud to offer Ohio made, internationally grown wine to the Westerville and surrounding communities.

Our winery is unique from many others that you may visit, where you might only be able to sample a small selection of the wine they sell, and the tasting area is cramped with no seating.  The tasting bar at Good Vibes is large enough to seat 10 people, with seating for another 30 to 40 people in the tasting room.  Our wines are always available to taste, in a flight or by the glass, and we encourage you to try them all!


We love seeing familiar faces at the bar and bringing people from our community together.  We feature local music most Friday nights and hope that Good Vibes is a place where you come to relax and enjoy great wine in good company.

Our Process

At Good Vibes, we use a process for small batch wine that was perfected as a home winemaking hobby by Tony, one of the owners.

The basics are pretty similar to any large or quality winery throughout the world.  The main difference is that since Good Vibes is an urban winery, the grapes are not grown locally and do not have to be crushed here at the winery.

We start the process with premium grape must (which is the result of crushing the grapes) which we prepare and then add yeast to start the fermentation process.

Over the next few weeks the yeast will convert the sugars in the grape must to alcohol and once the fermentation is complete, we go through a process to stabilize and clarify the wine.

After a few more weeks, we complete the stabilizing process by filtering the wine and moving it to a new tank before it is bottled.

About four weeks later, the wine is bottled, corked, labeled and allowed to age until it's finally ready for tasting!