At Good Vibes Winery, we believe excellent wine starts with excellent grapes. So we start with grapes from award-winning vineyards all over the world to make our wine. From Australia to Italy and France and back to California (and many others), you'll be able to sample internationally grown, but Ohio made, wine right here in Central Ohio.

With over twenty hand-crafted wines, we've got something for everyone. Do you prefer light or bold? White or red? Sweet or dry? Whatever your preference, we've got something for everyone at Good Vibes.

And don't forget to take a bottle home! We understand that sometimes after a long day at work you might not feel like doing anything but sitting in front of your favorite show with a glass of wine. With all of our wines available for carryout purchase, you don’t need to worry when this feeling strikes. Take home a bottle (or a case with a 10% discount) so you never have to worry about running out of your favorite.

Click below to learn more about each of our hand-crafted wines.

Red Wines


White / Blush Wines


Sweet Wines


Dessert Wines